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Wix SEO Tips for Beginners in 2019



Are you looking to sink your toes into the SEO pool? SEO, search engine optimization, involves many different strategies to optimize to the best of its ability. SEO is a combination of technical work, content strategy, an understanding of searchers' behaviors, and knowledge of Google's algorithm. Our SEO experts take a comprehensive look into your site to see what you need, but here are a few tips to get you acquainted with the practice! 


1. Do Keyword Research


Keyword research is a crucial step in SEO. The more research you, the better off you will be. It helps to have a solid understanding of your business goals and your audience so you can create content that will resonate with your searchers. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and think of what they are searching for on Google to help come up with ideas. Here are some tips to start: 


*Brainstorm: Begin by jotting down your location, some of the main services that you provide, some information about what you do. Then you can use that information to form a basic keyword list. For example: If you're a plumber in Portland, you might write down the different plumbing services you offer and the areas you serve. 


*Search: If you go to Google and search a term, other related words will appear at the bottom of the first page. You can use that list as a guide. 


*Use Research Tools: There are several free and paid research tools out there that can help you find relevant terms. Ubersuggest, Google, and AHREFS are phenomenal resources. 

Wix SEO Keyword research
Wix seo tips

2. Create Stellar Content

content for Wix SEO success
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Content is another essential part of a successful SEO strategy. Valuable copy that drives traffic to your website will help you "win" in the search engines.  You want to make sure that the information you write on your landing pages is both useful and relevant. Create content that describes your business and do use by using your keywords naturally throughout the text. Below are a few ways you can ensure your content is SEO - friendly:


*Make sure you write for the consumer, not the search engine. Use language that is both natural and specific to your keywords. 


* Offer value in your content. Define your services, your location, and what makes your business stand out. Why should searches click on your CTA? 


* Make sure your copy is concise and to the point. If it's easy for searches to read, understand, and recognize the value of your service, there's a better chance that they will complete your CTA. 

3. Look At Your Competition


In 2019, competition is fierce in the online world. Many people are using the web to help enhance their online presence and attract people to their website. Taking a look at your competitor is essential because there are only a few spots to rank high on Google. If you are not doing more then your competition, Google will favor them over you as a resource which will hinder your potential. Focus on your direct competitors in your industry. There are several tools such as SEMrush that can help you see and compare what keywords are popular and ranking in the SERPS. By identifying how you stack up against your competition, you can use that information to optimize and to get ahead of other companies. This helps you prioritize opportunities for specific keywords you want to gain momentum with moving forward. Here are a few competitor analysis tools you can utilize:

Wix SEO can compete

4. Build Relevant Links

Wix SEO backlink building

5. Continue Exploring SEO


SEO is continuously evolving with new algorithm updates, strategies, and approaches. The great thing is, many online resources are available to help. Articles, guides, and walkthroughs can assist you in navigating the best SEO practices. From learning how to write content that has value to making sure the behind - the scenes - technical SEO is on track to perform, online resources can provide insight, including us! 
A little bit of strategy can go a long way in terms of search engine optimization. If you make small adjustments over time and keep up to date with new practices, your potential to grow your presence online will increase! Here are a few SEO-friendly resources you can use:

Wix SEO Tips
Wix SEO success in Google

SEO involves many factors outside of content. While content helps promote your business, building relevant links do as well. Links help establish credibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which drastically helps your SEO standings. The critical thing to remember with link building is that it's necessary to build links to reputable sites. It can hurt your standings to have links coming in sites that aren't credible. These links help Google and other search engines determine your relative importance and to order search results in that fashion. Below are a few link building strategies you can use:


*Credible Directory Sites: Sites such as Yahoo!, Bing, and Yelp are known as sites that have established authority. You can find other credible sites by Googling your keywords and location. If you see any listings that rank on the first page of Google, those are the sites you want to look into more.


* Testimonials: You can also gain links via online reviews and testimonials. Offer to write testimonials for companies you work with and have established a strong rapport. Reviews can generate relevant links, which helps both with SEO but also your reputation.

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